Manuele Macaione is an actor. In July 2019 he graduated from Bucks New University with a degree in Acting. A passion for theatre inspired Manuele to move to London from his native Italy, where he could finally embark on a path to further pursue his ideas and passion for the stage. Manuele’s first experience of acting was in Florence, Tuscany in 2009, whilst studying at Scuola di Cinema "Immagina". He later moved to London and made his acting debut in 2013 in "Non è Vero ma ci Credo'' an adaptation of a comedy by Peppino De Filippo with Gruppo Teatro In-Stabile di Londra. In 2015, Manuele collaborated once again with Gruppo Teatro In-stabile di Londra in "Il Medico dei Pazzi", an adaptation of a comedy by Eduardo Scarpetta. Manuele both acted in and stage-managed the performance. A year later he became involved in "Pop-up-Shakespeare'' with People's Company under the artistic direction of John Whelan with whom he had successfully collaborated on two previous projects "Animated Tours" 2016, and "People's Company from SCRATCH" in 2017. In 2018 he trained in BADC Standard (Level 1) and in 2019, he obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Acting from Bucks New University. During his studies Manuele played Verges in Much Ado About Nothing Captain Jemmy Campbell in Our Country Good'' and Robert Gibson in "New Labour". Manuele's first project after graduating was the lead role and producer in "The Man with the Flower in His Mouth" a uniquely insightful play by Luigi Pirandello and was directed by Dimitry Devdariani.

2019 - The Man, The Man with the Flower in His Mouth, Dimitry Devdariani.

2019 - Robert Gibson, New Labour, The Courtyard Theatre, Paul Jaynes.

2019 - Captain Jemmy Campbell, Our Country’s Good, The Courtyard Theatre, Thomas G. Waites.

2019 - Verges, Much Ado About Nothing, The Courtyard Theatre, Rupert Holloway.

2017 - Soldier, Scratch, People's Company, John Whelan.

2016 - Starveling, Pop-UP Shakespeare, People's Company, John Whelan.

2015 - Peppino, Il Medico dei Pazzi, Gruppo Teatrale 'In-Stabile' di Londra, Enrico Spinello.

2013 - Spirito, Non e' Vero...Ma ci Credo, Gruppo Teatrale 'In-Stabile' di Londra, Carlo di Pamparato .

~Luigi Pirandello~

Pre Production New Labour by Marcello Dos Santos, actor Manuele Macaione

~Marcello Dos Santos~

Show Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker, actor Manuele Macaione, photographer Gabor Gergely

~Timberlake W.~

~W. Shakespeare~

Short Film Bird on a Wire, actor Manuele Macaione, Screen Director Doug Rollins

~Doug Rollins~

picture play Il Medico dei Pazzi di Eduardo Scarpetta, actor Manuele Macaione.

~Eduardo Scarpetta~

Picture of team play Non e' vero ma ci credo di Peppino de Filippo, Da sinistra: Francesca Pezzarossa, Luigi Gnudi, Laura Marziale, Carlo di Pamparato, Manuele Macaione, Giuseppe Giubbio, Tina Nocco, Mariano Bonetto, Roberto Casoni, Giancarlo Castelli, Barbara Nardi.

~Peppino De Filippo~

Manuele Macaione is a fine actor with an urgent work ethic, a pleasure to direct and a terrific ensemble cast member. I’d work with him again in a Heartbeat. Thomas G Waites, Actor/Director, TGW Acting Studio, New York.

Manuele has an infectious love of creativity and loves to explore and play with theatre. It has been amazing to see how with each project he learns and absorbs as much as he can to strengthen his skills and obvious talents. John Whelan, Director, People's Company, London.

Manuele e' stato bravo e coraggioso ad interpretare, con un suo stile molto personale, dei ruoli anche particolari in 2 commedie napoletane di grande successo. Mariano Bonetto, Direttore Artistico, Gruppo Teatro In-Stabile di Londra .